The Different Kinds of Coffee

The Different Kinds of Coffee 1

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, perhaps large corporate companies such as Starbucks have bought coffee to the masses and made it cool for young or old to sip coffee and to socialize. But it is the individual specialist coffee houses and cafes that are the best way to truly enjoy a good cup of Java.

Researching on how many different types of coffee you will probably come up with over thirty different types, but this is just how they are served. Coffee comes from the seed of a berry that is grown on the Coffee plant that originally came from Africa.

The most popular species of coffee drunk around the world is coffee arabica which accounts for about three quarters of the world’s production. The second most popular is coffee canephora which makes up the majority of the remainder of the balance.

Coffee Bean Varieties

As previously stated, the two main varieties of beans are coffee Arabica and coffee Canephora or Robusta. And every variety of Americano or Latte will be made from either of these two beans. Robusta beans are slightly lower in quality and normally are cultivated at low altitudes. They are fairly easy plants to grow and resist disease more than Arabica. These beans have a high caffeine content and have a strong astringent flavor.

Arabica is the world’s favorite coffee bean and is considered to be the ultimate in coffee. They have less than 50% of the caffeine than Robusta beans and contain more pleasant aromas with a smoother taste. The beans are often named after the place they come from, almost like a wine vintage.

Other species of beans are: bonnieri, mogeneti, benghaleniss, stenophylla, congenis, excelsia, gallieni and liberica, although these can only really be found in the regions that they are grown and are rarely exported for world consumption.

How to Make the Perfect Brew

Most people enjoy their coffee outside the home, made by baristas in comfy coffee shops, but there is an alternative and that is to make your own coffee. Mastering a few basic techniques could enhance your enjoyment of home-brewed coffee immensely.

To ensure you have the best possible enjoyment you will need the tools of the trade, and this does not mean having to go out and buy an expensive espresso machine. The coffee making essentials do include bean grinders, filters and a good source of water.

Great coffee starts with top quality beans, do not skimp here as you can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear. Buy the best beans you can afford and do not keep them for more than a few days, buy fresh! Secondly grind your coffee bean freshly for each serving you make. Coffee beans start to degrade as soon as they are ground, and in a matter of minutes they will lose their aroma and delicious taste.

Finally, coffee is mostly water, and as the water is not served at boiling point it is important that good quality water is used, free of fluoride and other chemicals. Using a water filter should alleviate this problem and give you a neutral and flavorless base fluid.

Whatever way you decide to take your coffee, it can be made after applying the governing rules; adding milk, froth, steam, cream, etc. is all personal taste and up to you. The careful preparation and the making of coffee is a big part of actually enjoying it, so take your time and add love.