The Classic American Cafe Dishes – Part 2


Time to revisit the classic American cafe dishes and explore some more delicious food that can be found in every nook and cranny of the United States. Part two of the culinary exploration starts with the most iconic of all American foods, the Hot Dog.

Hot Dogs

Perhaps the original and most famous fast food in the world, the humble hot dog has been served on the streets of America since the late 1800’s. The sausage was created in Germany way back in the 1600’s by a butcher named John Geoghehner, and is the most important ingredient of the hot dog. Chicago was the first American city to embrace the hot dog and every American town and city soon followed its example. Since then millions of hot dogs have been consumed, smothered in mustard and ketchup. The dish is basically a grilled or steamed sausage in a long bun that is garnished with onions, cheese or chili.


It is a well-known fact that a cafe or a diner can be judged purely on what sort of pie they serve, and America has some of the most diverse pies and cakes known to man. Perhaps this was a legacy of the British but even so, the Americans have made the pie their very own. One very American adaptation of the humble pie, is the cheesecake. A wonderful combination of cream cheese and buttery biscuit base. The dessert is creamy, smooth and simply divine especially accompanied with a hot mug of coffee. Cream cheese was actually developed by a mistake and we are all thankful that William Lawrence accidentally discovered it. The actual flavours that can accompany a cheesecake are as plentiful as the mind can think of, but can include all manner of fruits, whipped cream, nuts and of course chocolate.


The all-American breakfast has to be accompanied by the obligatory pancake stack, a short stack of delicious and fluffy pancakes adorns most cafe breakfast tables around the country every day. Whether you prefer them laced with maple syrup or covered in honey and cream, it is purely your choice. Pancakes can also be served as a savoury dish, complete with salty bacon and topped with fried eggs, either way these flat cakes are a wonderful way to start the day.

Chicken & Waffles

It is not quite certain who did it, but many years ago an adventurous cook came up with the idea of mixing a dinner favourite and a breakfast staple dish and came up with fried chicken with waffles. Whoever the genius was it is now a favourite on many cafe menus. Fried chicken is loved all across America and when you put the crunchy delight on hot waffles smothered with butter it becomes a marriage in heaven.

These heavenly concoctions are some of the very best dishes served in American cafes every day of the week. There are no secret recipes that are hidden from view, these classic dishes are all fairly simple fare but that is their brilliance. Sometimes the simple things in life are surprisingly the best things in life, and when it comes to the finest cafe dishes, this is definitely the case.