Tea vs. Coffee

Benefits on Both Sides

If you frequent cafes or have an overflowing drinks cupboard full of powders, bags and all manner of substances ready to have boiling water poured over them then you probably have wondered which of the top two are the best – tea or coffee. It seems you cant really count on the cultural significance of either since places synonymous with tea drinking like Britain or the east, have seen an incredible rise of coffee houses and coffee drinks hit their shelves. This causes some confusion mainly because of how quickly people have been converting, the popular chain Costa can now be found in almost every town in the UK while the iced coffee cans are flying off the shelves in Japan just as quick as their chilled tea cousins. But does this mean that coffee has taken over? Not necessarily, because on the other side of the scale tea stores are also seeing a rise, from big brands like Teavana to independent tea concoctors, and again down the isles iced teas are saddling up alongside energy drinks as a cleaner pick me up alternative. This means that popularity can’t really tell us which is ‘hip’ but what are the actual benefits of tea versus coffee?


You’ve probably heard about these magic things, which you should be getting as many of as possible, though you may not know exactly what they do. Antioxidants fight toxins in your body, which are basically traces of bad stuff that can harm you in the long run. Eating (or drinking in this case) high antioxidant foods can help your health both in the short term (keeping colds away) and in the long run (great for keeping your organs in top shape). Tea takes the upper hand here with White Tea actually taking the gold medal (despite green being the in thing). Coffee does have antioxidants but those beans just not as rich as those luscious leaves.


This can be good or bad depending on the user. Caffeine is that well loved chemical that keeps you not just more awake but often in a brighter mood as well as more motivated. It is the driving force behind millions of busy 21st century people all across the globe, yet some people are very sensitive to its effects, which can be disastrous if you’ve consumed too much. Coffee has a higher caffeine content, so grab a cup or be wary depending on how much you can handle.

Other Claims

There have been lots of studies done on the substances over the years with many different findings. Some show that decaff coffee is just as good for you as regular, some the contrary. Tea has been shown to lower your biological age, whereas apparently coffee drinkers live longer. Its tough to say which takes the lead, if you are looking for a particular benefit it’s worth looking specific studies up yourself to see which one wins.

Why Choose

In reality you don’t have to pick a side. Both of these great drinks can be consumed hot or cold and can be added to everything from fruit juice to non-dairy milk. You may not have even considered putting the two together, add some sweetened milk and have a shot of coffee with a bag of tea and you have yourself an Yin Yang – the best of both worlds.