Milk Alternative Guide for Your Coffee


There are many reasons to change up your milk for a dairy free option, whether it is because of an allergy, health reasons or even moral ones (those cows don’t exactly love being milked for their entire lives). Whatever your reasons are, if you are new to getting diary alternatives you may not be sure what to order when it comes to grabbing your caffeine fix. Though many cafes have already jumped aboard the non-dairy train some are still trailing behind, while at home you may also need some guidance as to what you should pick up at the supermarket. Now a rising industry its not as simple as just going from A to be thanks to a whole alphabet of new options. If you haven’t tried any yet here is a quick guide to the cow free milks available.


This is one which you can get in at your supermarket in sweetened and non sweetened varieties (unsweetened brings a lot more almond-like flavour if you are okay with that). Though cafes don’t always have this option, its good to have at home but beware it is probably the most troublesome when it comes to making hot drinks (you can prevent this by microwaving your milk beforehand). As with many of these alternatives adding them to hot water can cause them to separate and almond is one that can do this quite a lot, making it better for summer drinks.



Probably one of the most common alternatives at cafes, soy mixes well and has been around for a very long time as a milk substitute. You will also find big names like Alpro using this for their handy cold coffees to go which you will spot in the chilled sections. Some people do have allergic reactions to soy however (just like some do with nuts) so its worth giving this a go in a small dose before getting it in an oversized latte.


One of the creamiest alternatives and a rising favourite. Coconuts are somewhat of a popular food in general recently thanks to providing oils, water and of course milk with different health benefits. Coconut milk is rarely sweetened since it naturally has some sugar in it which is far better than the added stuff. However be aware that the stuff you buy in the shops isn’t always the same as the barista quality stuff since it needed different properties to steam and foam.


This is another great natural variation that works great in hot stuff. With the rich comforting reminder or porridge when warmed up, this stuff almost wants to be heated. A tasty and versatile swap that doesn’t need much sugar either.

Peanut Drink
Peanut Drink

Peanut, Pea + More

Though cafes will have a select few options to save time and money, you will notice that all manner of different ingredients make up the milk aisle at the supermarket. From nuts you’ve never heard of to peas and combinations of the above, many of these are really for those looking for a specific flavour or texture and can be avoided if you just need a quick substitute. Stick with soy or oat for the best mixability and availability when you are on the go.