How to Make Great Coffee at Home – Part 2


This is the second part of our blog into making the best coffee at home, we have already looked at storing and buying the best beans, and in this blog, we delve into the more technical aspects of making coffee such as grinding and brewing.

Grinding Coffee

Grinding your own beans is the perfect way of reproducing the correct mixture, but be warned coffee starts losing its quality as soon as you start to grind it. The best tasting coffee is without doubt made from beans that have just been ground. You will tend to find that the finer you grind the beans the better the taste will be and there will be more flavour. If you can afford it opt for a proper burr mill, but the less expensive whirly blade devices will be just as good.

Make Sure you use Good Water

You can buy the most expensive coffee available, and then grind it using a burr mill, but if you use the wrong water it will all have been in vain. Nothing can ruin a good pot of coffee as easily as a water contaminated with chlorine. If you can try to use spring water, or at least tap water that has a filter, but please note that distilled or soft water makes terrible coffee. Good water contains essential minerals that coffee needs. Also avoid bargain priced filters, look on the packaging for oxygen-bleached or dioxin-free filter papers. You could even push the boat out and invest in a gold-plated filter that produces the best flavour.

Use Proper Amounts of Coffee

You may have bought expensive coffee, but this does not mean you can skimp on the amount of coffee you use. The standard measure to achieve the real taste that you get from a cafe is 2 level tablespoons per one 6oz ounce coffee cup.

Control the Heat

Never use water that is too hot, it will extract compounds from the coffee that will make it taste bitter and rather unpleasant. The exact temperature you require your water to be is 200 degrees Fahrenheit, just below a full rolling boil. Good coffee machines will regulate this for you and it will be done automatically. Once brewed the best flavours are immediate, the longer the brew stands in its pot or even reheated, will result in a poorer taste.

Use Clean Equipment

Making good coffee is a skill, some would say almost an art form. To avoid oily, build up from the beans it is essential that you clean all the equipment that comes into contact with the coffee. And this includes, storage containers, grinders, and brewing machines or pots.

Following our tips and advice how to make your own coffee at home, should improve the quality and taste of the coffee. It will not however replicate the taste that good cafes and coffee houses produce, they are using specialist equipment that is in constant use, which all gives their coffee a more authentic taste. Plus, their baristas are all trained how to pour the best coffee, they are professionals at their art and is the reason why people still love to visit a cafe.