How to Make Great Coffee at Home – Part 1


Everybody loves a cup of coffee, there is something about the whole experience of imbibing the dark exotic fluid that you never get with anything else. Firstly, you have to select your favourite coffee shop, which is by no means an easy task, then you have to decide what you are going to drink, americano, latte, cappuccino etc. Will it be full fat milk or skinny? And then there are the exquisite aromas and the noise of a lively cafe, that is all quite enchanting and unique. Tea shops are all rather reserved, but a cafe or coffee house is normally a modern place with people taking time out from their busy lives to refuel their senses and enjoy a read of the paper. But when you try to replicate the coffee by making it at home, even though you may have purchased all the necessary equipment and relevant beans, it never tastes the same. In this blog we look at some tips that may help you to make a coffee that tastes the same as it had been brewed in a cafe.

The Coffee

Always pay as much as you can afford to buy the best possible coffee beans, obviously pick the type you prefer, then pick the best version of it that you can find. The beans have to be fresh, not resting in a sealed bag that has been sitting on the shelf for weeks. Do not buy coffee in bulk from a supermarket, unless you have many guests for the weekend, as you will simply have to store it all. And when you are storing coffee remember that the two worst enemies for coffee beans are bright light and oxygen. Often coffee beans packaged by small independent specialist shops are the best, they have normally just been roasted and freshly ground.


As stated earlier, oxygen and light are the worst two enemies of coffee beans, the beans are best stored in airtight containers that are kept in dark cupboards. Never put your beans in the fridge, they are porous and will soak up the food odours. Many experts say that coffee beans should never be frozen, so only buy enough coffee that you intend to use within a week, and store at room temperature.

Always Select Good Coffee

Coffee is a little bit like wine, there are so many variations and often the best is from a small supplier. Try to be adventurous and venture beyond the mass-produced brands. There are many suppliers that are making superb coffee, so experiment with your choice and buy in small quantities so it stays fresh and if you don’t like it you won’t have wasted a great deal of money. Look at the packaging, all the relevant information will be listed, it will state country of origin, region or estate that the coffee comes from. Arabica is the best coffee but some people do prefer good Robusta, aim for 100% pure beans and not a cheap blend.

We continue our experimentation into brewing the best coffee at home in Part Two.