Foods Made for Coffee


One of the most lovable things about popping into your favourite cafe for a cup of delicious freshly brewed coffee is the confectionery that is also served. Some foods are perfectly paired with a bitter cup of coffee and in this blog, we explore the best tastes to go with a steaming mug of the black stuff.

Wholemeal Toast

Nothing is better suited to a cup of coffee than some perfected toasted wholemeal or granary bread. There is something extra special about brown toast compared to white, it has a nuttier flavour which takes on the complexities of salty butter and a fine fruit jam or marmalade. The combination of the salty butter oozing into the bread and the sweet jam smeared on the top of the wholemeal crunchy bread that really works with strong black coffee. A perfect way to start a morning and set you up for lunch.


These little beauties can be either savoury of sweet depending on your mood, either way they are a great accompaniment with your brew. The slightly dry texture of the muffin is ideal to be washed down by a hot Americano. The sweet variety such as blueberry, chocolate chip and banana are really good whilst sipping a strong espresso, a marriage made in heaven.


There is probably no food more synonymous with coffee than the fried dough confectionery everybody knows as a donut. The Americans having been eating donuts and swilling coffee since around 1920 in New York City when the first donut machine came along. It was actually a Russian immigrant who began selling donuts from his bakery in New York, but they were around far earlier than that. Suffice to say America and the world fell in love with the combination of the donut and coffee, and now no self-respecting cafe would be without donuts in their food selection.


If you are sipping a cappuccino or a nice milky late then there is no better thing to eat alongside it as a beignet. This is arguably the greatest food pairing with coffee, possibly due to the combination of the deep fried choux pastry with the flavour of the hickory in the coffee. Perfect for dunking into the sweet milky coffee and scooping up any remaining froth left in the cup, a perfect delight.

Coffee Cake

We cannot mention foodstuffs to go with coffee without talking about the ubiquitous coffee cake, the delicate sponge cake is laced with coffee so that your morning coffee experience goes into overload. Sometimes the humble coffee cake has overtones of cinnamon which as we all know is a perfect flavouring with coffee. The coffee cake is perfect for eating with a steaming mug of black coffee, not just for the unique double flavouring but for the texture of the actual crumb in the sponge.

These confectionery delights are just some of the best food items to be eaten whilst drinking coffee. The modern cafes and coffee houses have grown out of all recognition from what they formerly were, and some of the amazing food on offer today is purposely chosen to accompany a really good cup of coffee.