DIY Café Quality Coffee Tips

Switch Up Your Milk

Although you may love the atmosphere of the café, the smell of roasted beans in the air, the constant hubbub of light chatter and the comradery of other coffee lovers – you can’t be there all the time. Whether your funds are running low or your local isn’t open past 6, sometimes you just have to make do with whatever you have at home. This can cause a big problem if you have grown accustomed to your high class, fancy cups slathered in cream and topped with a gingerbread dinosaur waving back at you. Sure you might not have the means to do all that, but the major contents of your cup can change with a few tweaks. Here are some ways to make sure your coffee made at home is just as satisfying as the one you buy.


Its’ probably not a big shock to you if you’ve watched someone make your favourite frappucino twice a day for the last 5 years, but there is something the baristas add that you probably don’t at home. The syrup not only helps with the texture of the drink, adding a thickness to the coffee but it most noticeably affects the flavour. From simple additions of caramel and toffee to elaborate and unconventional flavours like bubblegum and liquorice, syrups come in all manner of flavours. You may have spotted Monin syrups (used by Costa) in the isles in your supermarket, but you will find better value on a hut through a TK Maxx or just a quick search on Amazon. Slap a new flavour into your cup, (Its probably a good idea to get a pump too) and instantly transform your coffee from bland to grand.


Similarly, an easier homemade solution is to whack some spice into your cup. You may have heard of turmeric lattes getting popular, these new spiced hot drinks use the same stuff you have had in your spice rack for months. Cinnamon can never go a miss as a slightly sweeter addition to the top of your latte or squirty cream. You can even mix a bunch together to make gingerbread, add some honey and mix it up for a throat tickling winter warmer.

Switch Up Your Milk

You might be getting bored with the same milks used in your cup. Nowadays thanks to the rise of plant based eaters, there are a selection of alternatives out there on the shelves. Grab an oat milk for a heartier sip or a coconut milk for something creamier. Several of these carton milks come with flavours in them too which will help you along your way.

Easy Latte

You probably don’t have a milk steamer and even if you did, you probably wouldn’t be able to use one without splattering milk all over your kitchen. Luckily if you are a fan of the latte, the coffee with a substantial amount of milk as its main component, there is another way. Simply grab your mug, fill it almost to the top with milk and microwave for two minutes. All you need to do is add your coffee and extras and you have yourself a DIY latte.