Coffee vs Evil

Black Coffee Fights Cavities

Coffee Fights Type 2 Diabetes

One of the most fast spreading western diseases is type 2 diabetes, in fact one in 4 people usually contract it by the time they are in their later years. Although it has been shown in studies that living on a balanced and less ‘modern’ diet (Basically less sugary and fatty foods) can help but the disease on hold if not prevent it, coffee has been shown to be a great combatant too. Thanks to the minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants naturally found in coffee beans studies have shown that over lengthy periods coffee can indeed reduce the risks. Decaffeinated coffee also shows benefits, actually out performing regular coffee in some instances, so no matter whether you want the energy kick or not, getting the beans into your system daily is a healthy idea.

Black Coffee Fights Cavities

You may have heard that drinking black coffee regularly can stain your teeth, and although this may be true, consuming regular amounts of coffee can actually increase your oral health. A study recently found that because of the chemical make up of black coffee and its heat when consumed it actually packs some punch when it comes to the bacteria in the mouth that can go on to cause cavities. Obviously, the addition of sugar, milk and other items don’t allow the same benefits as they introduce more tooth decaying product. So, if you like your coffee black, you can keep yourself and your dentist happy by just drinking your daily cups.

Coffee Fights Mouth Cancer

You have probably heard that coffee contains lots of great elements that help fight allsorts of cancer which is true, but few have shown the impressive battling skills of the hot drink than that of its foe oral cancer. This study from 2012 that ran for over 20 years, shows that caffeinated coffee (sorry decaff drinkers) can cut the risk of some oral cancers by almost half. Unlike alcohol consumption which has been proven time and time again to increase the risk of cancers, especially in places such as the mouth which it regularly comes in contact with, coffee instead keeps the often fatal disease away. So instead of reaching for a glass of wine, you may want to put the kettle on.

Coffee Fights Depression

Regular coffee drinkers aren’t just perky because they are coasting on their caffeine buzz (though it helps), as it turns out the magic brown beverage can make you feel better all on its own. Several studies have shown its positive mood altering benefits can help you by making you more social in the workplace, less likely to get depression and significantly less likely to commit suicide. Socially drinking coffee is a fantastic way to help push its depression fighting capabilities along, as well as maybe adding an extra cup to your daily routine. Coffee it seems can fight disease, make us healthier and feel great all at once which justifies why it is one of the most popular drinks on the planet.