Best Coffee Shops in Sicilia

Best Coffee Shops in Sicilia
Best Coffee Shops in Sicilia

A cup of strong and bitter espresso might be called one of the synonyms of Italian culture. The process of coffee drinking and the socializing itself is shaping the identity of Italians, so they are taking it seriously all over the country. However, the climate and amount of sun are making a huge impact even here, so people in the South are promoting a slower lifestyle and spending more time while enjoying their meal, glass of wine, or a cup of coffee.

The island of Sicily might be called the best example of slow life and it seems like local people really know how to enjoy every moment. It is the typical afternoon view here to see people sitting under colorful umbrellas in terraces of bars and restaurants, sipping aperitives or coffee with one of hundreds of Italian desserts, and talking or just reading a newspaper. If you are traveling around Sicily, do not rush yourself to see all historical sites but better take a moment to try the local lifestyle and drink your coffee at these fantastic coffee shops.

Caffè Spinnato

This old café in Palermo is very traditional and owned by the fifth generation of one family. Despite the cozy interior, always smiling owner who is greeting every guest, and the best quality coffee, the magic of this place is created by a pianist who is always playing live. The owner Mario Spinnato says that there was a pianist from the very first day when his great-great-grandfather opened this café and there will be a pianist until the last working day. Probably, this is the thing that people call the Sicilian proud.

All the types of Italian coffee from espresso or cappuccino to macchiato or ristretto and many more are on the list here. They use only the best Arabica beans, so every cup of coffee is a piece of heaven. You can try amazing fresh pastries, 40 flavors of gelato, and other delicious options to gain a few extra kilograms after your holiday. If you are not in the mood for sweets, then you can order a refreshing cocktail such as Spritz or any other option with traditional Sicilian liqueurs.

Pasticceria Maria Grammatico

Another great place in Palermo is a little cafe and a traditional bakery called Pasticceria Maria Grammatico. Of course, this place has a very good rate at Trip Advisor and tourists are always interested to visit it. However, Pasticceria Maria Grammatico is a beloved spot of local people for many years and it is such a miracle to find an empty table here. Is it worth to try? Well, the taste of their highlight treat called Frutta di Martorana with traditional ice coffee makes you feel like you would be kissed by angels!


If you are looking for something else, then chose the standard option of Sicilian cannoli with a cup of the best quality espresso or homemade gelato with burning ristretto. Everything here is made by hands with a lot of love for every customer, so you cannot resist making a childish smile to a waiter because this place will give you lots of happiness.