Cafe Dishes

When it comes to iconic American food, the phrase the bigger the better comes to mind, but this is not always the case.


It sounds trivial, but good internet connectivity is essential for any type of cafe, and free Wi-Fi is simply a must.

Cafe or Restaurant?

Restaurant and cafe are becoming a little blurred as to describe both types of business, the choice is yours to judge the establishment and call it what you like..


Milk Alternative Guide for Your Coffee

There are many reasons to change up your milk for a dairy free option, whether it is because of an allergy, health reasons or even moral ones (those cows don’t exactly love being milked for their entire lives). Whatever your reasons are, if you are new to getting diary alternatives you may not be sure […]

Benefits on Both Sides

Tea vs. Coffee

If you frequent cafes or have an overflowing drinks cupboard full of powders, bags and all manner of substances ready to have boiling water poured over them then you probably have wondered which of the top two are the best – tea or coffee. It seems you cant really count on the cultural significance of […]

Switch Up Your Milk

DIY Café Quality Coffee Tips

Although you may love the atmosphere of the café, the smell of roasted beans in the air, the constant hubbub of light chatter and the comradery of other coffee lovers – you can’t be there all the time. Whether your funds are running low or your local isn’t open past 6, sometimes you just have […]

Black Coffee Fights Cavities

Coffee vs Evil

Coffee Fights Type 2 Diabetes One of the most fast spreading western diseases is type 2 diabetes, in fact one in 4 people usually contract it by the time they are in their later years. Although it has been shown in studies that living on a balanced and less ‘modern’ diet (Basically less sugary and […]

The Different Kinds of Coffee 1

The Different Kinds of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, perhaps large corporate companies such as Starbucks have bought coffee to the masses and made it cool for young or old to sip coffee and to socialize. But it is the individual specialist coffee houses and cafes that are the best way to truly […]

What to Eat at High Tea – Part 2 1

What to Eat at High Tea – Part 2

The second part of our blog on throwing your own tea party concentrates more on what food should be served during High Tea. It is worthwhile considering that it is not supposed to be a main meal or a picnic, so forget meat pies, chicken legs and sausage rolls. Traditionally, High Tea was a very […]

Throwing Your Own High Tea Party

What to Eat at High Tea – Part 1

There are a few plausible reasons why the meal of High Tea is thus called, and probably the most sensible is that it is because it was eaten at a table. This differentiated it from the more social occasion that is Afternoon Tea, which was normally partaken in the drawing room whilst sitting on sofas […]

High Tea

What is High and Afternoon Tea

The history of tea drinking in England goes past the actual imbibing of the refreshing blend of leaves, it extends also into a form of meal. Afternoon Tea or High Tea, as it is sometimes known, is a quintessential custom of the English that appeared in the mid-19th Century. Henry James once was quoted saying: […]

The History of Coffee

The History of Coffee

Coffee can be traced back to Ethiopia and its ancient coffee forests; a legend is told about a goat herder named Kaldi who first saw the potential of the now popular coffee bean. He reported his findings to a local monastery who made a drink from the berries and were surprised how it kept the […]

Tea Consumption

The History of Tea – Part 2

Time for another cup of tea, the second part of our blog about the history of tea and how it became such a popular drink around the world. We start our second serving with the rise of tea smuggling in Britain. Tea Smuggling and Taxation Tea’s popularity in Britain grew like wildfire, the British loved […]

From China To Japan To Europe

The History of Tea – Part 1

Obviously, a good coffee house or cafe not only has to serve a respectable selection of good coffees, but their tea offerings also have to be pretty good too. There were tea shops all over the world before coffee actually was invented, but as coffee became more popular this traditional drink lost some of its […]


Foods Made for Coffee

One of the most lovable things about popping into your favourite cafe for a cup of delicious freshly brewed coffee is the confectionery that is also served. Some foods are perfectly paired with a bitter cup of coffee and in this blog, we explore the best tastes to go with a steaming mug of the […]